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Retain Your Insurance Customers with Contact Consumers Text Messaging

Contact Consumers allows clients to strategically reach their customer bases and notify them of new insurance products. Our text messaging solution is also a great customer relationship management tool.


Why Insurance Businesses Need Text Messaging

Today, customers can be reached directly through social media, email promotions, online advertising, and text messaging. Reaching more customers is paramount to driving revenue generation. A company that doesn’t take advantage of all of the marketing channels available can easily succumb to other organizations that do. On the other side of the coin are the customers who view thousands of advertisements each day. The average consumer is exposed to up to 10,000 advertisements each day. With so many companies seeking to attract the attention of potential customers, it’s become even more important to stand out from the crowd. One way to do so is through text messaging.

Text messaging marketing campaigns have proven to be more effective than email, print advertisements, television commercials, and social media advertising. In fact, studies show that only 17% of customers open insurance-related emails, while 95% of individuals read and respond to their text messages within 3 minutes of receiving them.

Some other interesting facts about the value of text messaging for business communications include the following:

- 90% of customers prefer texting over phone calls

- 48% of consumers favor communication from brands via SMS

- SMS text messaging has a higher click-through rate than email or social media

HR Marketing Solution

An insurance professional can use text message marketing in numerous ways. Contact Consumers offers both marketing blasts for large groups of customers and one-on-one solutions tailored for individual accounts.

Targeted SMS messages can:

  • Remind insurance clients of future appointments
  • Notify clients of upcoming payment due dates
  • Offer automated support to customers with specific inquiries

Typical text messaging marketing blasts include content like:

  • Notifications of new insurance products and services
  • Reminders to purchase travel insurance before a summer vacation
  • Health insurance enrollment deadlines
  • Workers’ compensation product details for small businesses
  • Encouragement to buy a life insurance policy
  • Discounts for combining different policies, such as homeowner’s and auto

How We Can Help

Benefits of Texting and Emailing from Contact Consumers for Insurance

Broadcast Solutions

There are no marketing channels that reach as many customers as SMS does. Customers often ignore promotional emails, and it’s difficult to target prospects through social media advertising and television commercials.

SMS messaging is an easy way to reach large swathes of people and ensure that 98% of them read your short text message.

Clients of Contact Consumers can target their entire clientele en masse or send targeted messages to customers that meet specific parameters. Our practical solutions are fully adjustable to meet your marketing needs.

Segmentation and Filtering

Once you have a new client who has opted into text messaging, assigning them specific parameters is essential. Insurance companies commonly target customers according to:

  • Age brackets
  • Income levels
  • Homeownership status
  • Education
  • Current active insurance policies
  • Relationship status
  • Number of dependants
  • Automobile ownership
  • Location

There are many ways to tailor your customer audience and design compelling text messaging campaigns that relate to your clients’ needs. Contact Consumers can meet all of them with its simple-to-use platform.

Automation and Optimization

Text messaging is efficient for companies seeking to automate certain processes, like appointment scheduling and payment reminders.

For example, an insurance agent can send automated appointment reminders to all customers who have a scheduled appointment the next day.

Similarly, an insurance company can quickly notify customers a few days before their payment deadline. Such automation reduces the likelihood of no-shows and improves on-time payments from customers. It also reduces the need for full-time administrative support.

You’ll save time on tasks that take you away from other, more important responsibilities — like improving customer retention and meeting new clients.

Real-Time Reporting

The real-time reporting functions provided by Contact Consumers allow organizations and insurance professionals to determine how well their campaigns are performing. Clients can easily tweak an ineffective campaign for optimal results.

With the Contact Consumers platform, insurance agents can quickly review the open rate of their text messages and evaluate how many people choose to interact with them. Over time, clients can compare their marketing campaigns to determine which ones had the most success.

Real-time reporting allows insurance organizations and professionals to unlock the performance of their marketing efforts and tailor them for the future.

Best Use Case: End-to-End Customer Acquisition

Let’s walk through an example of an insurance agent seeking to acquire customers who need travel insurance

Step 1: Send a Text Message Blast

On May 1, an insurance company sends a short text message to all customers who have subscribed to SMS text messaging. “Make sure to protect your summer vacation from unseen catastrophes: purchase travel insurance today! Respond TRAVEL to this message to learn more.” Over 300,000 customers of the insurance company receive the message. Within a day, the text message has received 42,000 responses from customers seeking to learn more about travel insurance.

Step 3: Connect Customers with a Sales Agent

Our research has determined that most people don’t like to be bothered with sales calls. Instead, they prefer to speak with a company agent on their own schedule. Thus, the 7,000 people who have responded to the message and asked to speak with an agent will receive a text allowing them to schedule an appointment. “Thanks for your interest in travel insurance! Click on this link to schedule an appointment with an agent.” The link in the text message directs the reader to a calendar where they can schedule a phone call with the agent.

Step 2: Respond to Customers

The text messaging system generates an auto-response for all customers who have indicated they are interested in purchasing travel insurance. This message includes a link to the company’s travel insurance products.
“Click on this link to learn more about our travel insurance offers! If you’d like to talk with an agent, respond AGENT to this message.”
Of the 42,000 recipients of this second (and automated) SMS, 15,000 choose to visit the company’s website. A further 7,000 respond to the message with the word AGENT, and the remainder ignore the message altogether.
Once the customer schedules an appointment, they receive a final appointment confirmation text. “You have scheduled your appointment for 3:15 on May 3. An agent will call you then to discuss our travel insurance options. Click here if you need to reschedule.” Through a few simple and mostly-automated text messages, the insurance company connects 7,000 customers with sales agents and 15,000 customers with its website. Not bad for a short marketing campaign that requires only a few minutes of setup time and no paid media costs.

Choosing Contact Consumers for Your Insurance Marketing Needs

Insurance professionals must stay abreast of changes in the marketing world to ensure their business stays ahead in an ever-evolving competitive environment. Our solutions give you the ability to do just that. We’re so confident you’ll benefit from the messaging service Contact Consumers offers that we provide all clients with a two-week trial to experience it for themselves.
To sign up, simply create a free account with us today.