Mistakes to Avoid with Your Email Marketing Campaigns


Along with best practices, Contact Consumers has a list of mistakes you’ll want to avoid at all costs when sending promotional emails. While everyone makes the occasional error, significant ones will have your subscribers hitting the unsubscribe button faster than you can say “Stop!” Here are the essential blunders you’ll want to avoid in your email promotions:


Sending Daily Emails

Have you ever had someone you don’t like contact you daily, even if you’ve told them you don’t have time to speak with them daily? You probably become pretty irked by the constant phone calls or texts. After all, everyone has many responsibilities, and extended daily chats may not fit into your schedule.

The same can be said of promotional emails. If you send daily emails to your subscriber list, they’ll likely grow tired of hearing from you. Keep your interactions under ten emails per month, max. You don’t want your company to be the email address they hear from the most.

Poor Grammar and Frequent Misspellings

Nothing can make you appear to be more unprofessional than lousy writing skills. Consumers are less likely to take your organization seriously if your emails contain misspelled words and grammar mistakes. Poor command of the common language raises lots of red flags.

If the language you use to communicate with your customers isn’t native to you, or you know your writing skills aren’t top-notch, seek the help of a professional editor or copywriter who can help you design your promotional materials.


Broken Links

Chances are that your promotional emails will contain links to your website. However, if the links are broken and customers have to work hard to find the topic of your email, your campaign will fizzle out before it has a chance to begin.

Check all links in your email to ensure customers are directed to the page you want them to land on. Working links provide customers an easy way to jump from your email directly to the conversion opportunity, and you want to make the most of the time they spend on your email before they return to other activities.

Poor Optimization of Email for Mobile Devices

Have you ever opened an email on your phone and had to resize it to view the message correctly? The same thing can happen with poorly designed websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. You likely had to scroll through the page and change the font size to be able to read the content.

Most emails are read through smartphones. Fewer people check their personal accounts on their computers or laptop. Thus, if your emails aren’t designed to be read on the screen of a smartphone, you’re at a disadvantage. Contact Consumers provides templates you can use to ensure your emails are visually appealing and easily viewed via the phone or a regular computer. The mobile-friendly design ensures that anyone can read your message, no matter what type of device they are using.


Refusing to Comply with Regulations Concerning Promotional Emails

While laws and regulations often take time to pass, it’s essential to pay attention to new legislation concerning promotional emails. Most countries in the Western world have established laws that prevent companies from emailing clients without their express consent.

So far, the strictest law in place is known as the GDPR. The GDPR is effective for all European member states and prevents organizations from sending emails to resident individuals without prior approval. Ignoring GDPR laws is costly — businesses may face fines of 4% of their revenue or €20 million for each infraction.

Make sure to stay on top of your compliance and only send emails to people who have given you their explicit authorization.

Not Making Use of Performance Tools

One of the worst mistakes an organization can make is not monitoring the performance of its email campaigns. Without performance metrics, you won’t know whether customers open your email or act on its contents. You’ll never know if one email promotional strategy is better than another.

Sending email without regard to its performance is ill-advised. You won’t be making the most out of your subscriber list, and you won’t know when you need to change up your marketing strategies or leave people alone. Contact Consumers offers a highly capable analytics platform that provides organizations with the data they need to make marketing decisions. When you sign up with us, you’ll gain access to numerous metrics you can use to tweak your marketing campaigns and enhance their performance.


Only Sending Mass Email Blasts

Mass email blasts certainly have their place, and you’ll want to use them for some of your email communications. However, if every email you send is the same for every subscriber, you’re reducing the potential effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Research shows that targeted emails improve customer engagement and conversions. Tailoring your email campaigns for specific customers often results in better sales and client responses.

Consider a real estate agent with various clients looking for a house. They likely have different needs and price constraints. A realtor can easily send targeted emails to clients that provide a list of new properties fitting each client's criteria. With Contact Consumers, you can even automate these emails so that you spend less time crafting the perfect copy and ensure that customers receive the information they need promptly.

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